A strong collective

for transit customs declarations

The success story of ZOLL POOL is as simple as it is impressive. It began when legislators in the field of transit procedures for non-Community goods through Community territory demanded a security amounting to the expected import duties incurred up to the conclusion of the procedure.

The condition that sufficient guarantee volumes must be demonstrated for all transit documents places a financial limit on small and medium-sized companies in particular.

Many shipping companies and partners within the sea port transport chain wondered whether the existing customs guarantees would still be adequate in the future to enable import containers from across the world to be cleared in transit reliably and quickly by means of a “T1” transit document.

The ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG put the idea into practice and purchased for its shareholders an exceptionally efficient guarantee for import containers. Consequently, medium-sized companies are finding themselves on equal terms with large, financially strong businesses. Our capacities are almost unlimited and all our shareholders are guaranteed high, consistent quality and support. A service team was put together to execute the idea, and the team excellently fulfils all transit requests from the shareholders in the most important European sea ports.



Guarantee of success for transit clearance.

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for reliable customs clearance

Since the foundation of ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG in 2006, a strong international collective has formed. Thanks to the experience and economic strength of every individual shareholder, a valuable foundation is being created for a successful future.

The 45 current shareholders, which include 10 of the “TOP 20” container shipping companies in the world, process their transit customs clearances via the ZPHH. A further 25 container logistics companies and 10 customs agencies from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy are also satisfied shareholders.

In the next two years, there are plans for new shareholders from France and Spain to be added to this list. In the intermediate term, the goal is to achieve a volume of around 50,000 transit procedures p.a.


Optimally positioned, everywhere

A pan-European network

Within the scope of ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG, customs guarantees for import containers are being made available to shareholders. This thus reduces the costs for customs clearances in the ports by over 30 per cent.


NCTS – secure across Europe
We guarantee our shareholders a secure and seamless transit clearance at all relevant ports.


A strong collective for a successful future
Thanks to the extensive experience and economic strength of every individual shareholder, we are creating a valuable foundation for a successful future.


Our shareholders can rely on us


An international union

für transit customs clearance


The ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG is a union of 45 current shareholders, which include the biggest international shipping companies and ship brokers, container logistics and intermodal transport companies, and European customs agencies


Shipping companies and ship brokers


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