ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG - your reliable partner for transit business

Professionalism at the highest level

Our experienced team ensures that all shareholders receive consistent high quality in the execution of all their transit requests at the most important European sea ports.

The highest-possible security for your transit clearances

Founded in 2006, ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG makes customs guarantees for import containers available to shareholders and thus puts medium-sized companies on equal terms with large, financially-strong businesses. With a guarantee volume of 33.33 million Euros, a clearance volume of more than 130 million Euros in goods value can be processed per week, pursuant to the stipulations of the Union Customs Code (UCC). These figures assume a tax burden of 25 per cent for customs and import VAT.

Strong guarantee volumes for your seamless supply chain

A decisive factor in the foundation of the shares collective was article 379 of the Customs Code (CC) and its Consolidated Implementing Provisions (CCIP): “The reference amount shall be the same as the amount of customs debt which may be incurred in respect of goods the principal places under the Community transit procedure during a period of at least one week.” The legislature thus laid the groundwork for the union. The legislation specifies that the principal in Community transit procedures must provide sufficient guarantee volumes for all transit documents that he or she issues in the space of a week – regardless of whether these were handled by the customs office.

40 shareholders, including 10 of the “TOP 20” container shipping companies in the world, currently process their transit customs clearances via the ZOLL POOL HAFEN HAMBURG AG. A further 21 container logistics companies and 9 customs agencies from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy are satisfied shareholders.

Thanks to our international shareholder structure, we have connections across Europe and can draw on the experience of every individual shareholder.

We guarantee our shareholders a secure and seamless transit clearance at all relevant ports.

Thanks to the extensive experience and economic strength of every individual shareholder, we are creating a valuable foundation for a successful future.